Communication, communication and again communication. We think that we can succeed properly in communicating with our partners. In our vision, the success of our customers represents the success which provides a long-term partnership. From the signature date of the accounting services agreement, we consider that we are the employees of our customer. This is the only way. We know what it means to be an accountant and namely how important is the role of an accountant in a company. We understood our destiny and therefore, we make any effort, no matter how big it is, to accomplish it. We are the only accounting company from Bucharest and Brasov that implemented the unique system in Romania which is called Money Back. 


Our mission is to offer, to our customers, stability, security and development using a professional accounting financial policy through quality and seriousness.

We have two big obligations towards our customers:

  1. – not to damage the interests and the integrity of our customers
  2. – to optimize the taxes so that the customer don’t spend in vain important financial resources without breaking the rule number 1

We cannot successfully accomplish the 2 missions without the help of our customers. Therefore, we offer free and unlimited accounting advice to our customers during the whole collaboration. 


We provide the seriousness of our accounting services giving back the money to our customers, with the up-to-date documents of the company in case of dissatisfaction towards our accounting services. Our own free freight for our customers provides us an increased mobility and a guarantee of receiving the documents on time and in a safe manner. Therefore, the customer beneficiates of a significant discount of the time spent on bringing the documents, on finding a parking place or on consuming fuel, etc.
The free accounting advice during the whole period of the contract offered by our accounting company is very good for your company’s working and also for the next development. A good information management can bring important financial benefices.


Conta Radulescu Brasov is a branch of the company named Conta Radulescu Bucharest.

Accounting services offered by the accountants from Brasov who are dedicated and also professionals

Conta Radulescu is one of the most famous and appreciated accounting company from Bucharest. With a big number of appearances in the Romanian media, namely the radio and the television, our company succeeded in imposing itself on the accounting market through seriousness and a special quality of the accounting services. Having 3 headquarters in Bucharest and partnerships in the most important cities in the country, we want to be accessible for our customers with a vision that includes innovating services and also our own freight for the accounting documents of our customers, namely Money Back, our unique system in Romania of ’90 days without risks’.

Conta Radulescu Brasov offers a good opportunity to choose between an accountant from Brasov and a serious accounting company which is based on an accounting procedure which proved in time to be stable and developed for helping the customers.

In our vision, the accounting service doesn’t have to be only qualitative but also accessible. In this vision, we have already opened 2 headquarters in Bucharest, 1 headquarter in Brasov and different partnerships with accounting companies in the most big and important cities in Romania.

And we do not stop here, we will continue…

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